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Tom O'Brien
Principal LL.B., B.A.

At O'Brien Leasing we aim to help you resolve your issue with your Bank and/or Lender as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We can help you resolve nearly all issues you may have with your bank including the following:

  • Disputed Fees and Default Listings.
  • Re-structure of lending issues.
  • Enforcement proceeds and possible bankruptcy concerns.
  • All types of lending including Home Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Cards.
  • Mortgage shortfalls & Bank Guarantees.
  • Incorrect Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Transactions.
  • All stages of Dispute Resolution including lodging your complaint, conciliation and mediation.
  • Issues with meeting your payments because of unemployment or illness.
  • Assistance and guidance in relation to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Current Legal Issues